Hey All, it is getting closer and closer to the big day! We continued our preparations here on the Hill today. We all couldn’t be more excited to finally get going on our mission.

We spent much of the day learning and studying the microbes that can cause disease in our daily lives and specifically looked at diseases that we could potentially come across in clinic. We hope to see only healthy patients, but we need to be ready to see a variety of illnesses and be prepared for a wide variety. There is a common consensus among the group with hopes for our own happy bellies as we embark on this journey into a world of all new microbes which we have yet to experience!

This evening we spent even more time together preparing all of the supplies that we will travel with to Peru. Lots of talk about a hoping for a successful trip through Peruvian customs, but armed with a letter from the president, we hope we are set! Eighteen St. Olaf students and 20 bags of medical supplies can’t look that suspicious, can it?

Over pizza and packing we shared laughs and concerns about our upcoming journey with some of our awesome doctors. They had so many stories to share of previous travels to Peru, which only made us more excited to get there.

Our semester together has flown by, and it has finally come time for us Oles to take on our medical mission.

Colten and Annika



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