Back on the Hill, Ready for the Mountain

Hi everyone, this is the blog we will be posting to everyday during our trip to Peru to keep you up to date with what we are experiencing. Please feel free the share this link with family and friends.

This morning we reunited as a group and were updated on everyone’s breaks. We are all very excitedly awaiting the trip.

After meeting as a larger group, we convened in our smaller groups, with each group conquering an individual public health task. This year we hope to explore options for cleaner water and safer stoves, document our progress to hopefully start a non-profit, make progress on fluoridating the salt in Peru for dental hygiene, and have more efficient medical documentation for our continuous efforts. We will keep the blog up to date on our progress.

This afternoon, we participated in the University of Minnesota program titled Global Ambassadors for Patient Safety where we learned how to effectively provide medical treatment abroad as non-medical professionals.

We are enjoying being back on the hill, but we can’t wait to get to the mountains.

Hope everyone has a safe and healthy New Year.

Michelle and Ryan



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