T-12 Hours

Hi all,

Only one more day until we get to experience all that we have prepared for this last semester. Woohoo!!

Today we spent our morning class presenting on Peruvian culture, history, politics, society, health, religion, and education. Each student chose a snippet about Peru to research and share with the class. We expect to encounter some of this information while in Peru. For example, we discussed the history of the city of Cusco as well as some Peruvian and Incan traditions. Our group will spend a little over a week in Cusco which was once the capital of the Incan Empire.

This afternoon, Dr. Tate and Murt Sherek, R.N., brought their insight to teach our group about diseases we will encounter and what to expect in the clinic setting. Dr. Tate reminded us about the importance of flexibility in a multicultural environment. He also provided us with a vision of what to expect for the clinic. Murt showed us how to take vital signs which will be one of our responsibilities in the clinic.  It is important to understand that situations may not go as planned and there may be unexpected challenges.

As we set out on the Peruvian Medical Experience, we are encouraged to be both analytical and open-minded. Here at St. Olaf, our logos (reasoning) is challenged, and in Peru, we will be confronted with a more emotional experience (mythos).

Tonight we hope to get well rested and prepared for our big adventure!!! Next time you will hear from us we will be on our way.

Steven and Amy


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