Adios Arequipa

Today we wrap up our week of public service and reflection in Arequipa. This morning we continued work on the five public health projects; observing surgery, helping at the clinic, walking with the social worker, cooking in the kitchen, and working outdoors at an orphanage. Father Alex identified an orphanage that was in need and we were eager to assist with cutting the grass, tilling some land, and cleaning up the playground in addition to our usual projects.

This afternoon we had a discussion with Father Alex about religion, love, and the work he has accomplished in this area of Arequipa. We were also invited to attend an evening mass celebrating the conversion of Saint Paul and the commissioning of two new missionaries going to Cuba in two weeks.

We are thankful for the work we were able to do here and for the time we have had to reflect on the multitude of lessons to be learned from this community. We were wholeheartedly welcomed into a community that is full of love and gratitude despite many hardships. While it will be hard to say adios to Arequipa, we are excited to learn more about the Peruvian capital, Lima, during our day tour tomorrow.


Aileth, Caitlyn, Janelle, and Laelle


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