Last Day in Cusco

This morning all of the girls spent time shopping with the women from the women’s shelter. We were able to give them each their own money so they could spend it on what they felt that they needed. It was such a joy to see their smiles when they saw that they could pick out their own stuff and when they found what they wanted to buy. Although they are all teenagers they immediately went for practical items such as shirts and pants. In addition to the money, we were able to supply them all with basic toiletries such as shampoo and conditioner as well as some fun items such as perfume. All the women were so thankful and so welcoming. We immediately felt like we were close friends and were sad to have to tell them that we wouldn’t be back the following year.

While all of the girls were shopping with the  women from the women’s shelter, all of the guys went shopping for the boys at the orphanage. Using some of the money we raised, we were able to buy all thirteen boys currently living at the orphanage a sweatshirt, soccer jersey, athletic shorts, and multiple pairs of socks. We also were able to get them a new soccer ball and football, since many of their balls were either popped or in poor condition.

After shopping, we all went over to the orphanage to give the boys their new clothes. It was amazing to see the looks on their faces when we started handing everything out. They were all unbelievable grateful and filled with joy after receiving their new stuff.

The rest of the day everyone was free to do anything they wanted. Some went shopping, others adventures around Cusco, and others went back over to the orphanage to hang out and watch a movie with them. For those that went back to the orphanage it was very fun to see the kids, but also sad knowing it was most likely the last time we see any of them again.

Tonight we will all be going out to dinner together for one last time before we leave for Arequipa in the morning. Tonight is also the last night with all of our amazing healthcare providers, who will be heading back home tomorrow.

Will and Leah



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