Last Day of Clinic!

Today was our last day of clinic in the Huilloc community and it was action-packed! The day began by finishing up medical and dental care for the last set of patients. Throughout our entire time in the Hullioc community we were able to treat 237 patients – YAY! As a group, we are thrilled and honored to be able to reach that many patients in this rural Peruvian community. With having only very limited access to healthcare in their community, the patients were beyond grateful for our services.

Once all the patients had been seen and treated, there was a closing ceremony in order to conclude the past 3 days of our services. As part of the ceremony, we were able to donate 50 blankets to 50 different families in the community! Through the closing words of the leaders of the Huilloc community, everyone could tell how incredibly gracious every Huilloc community member was. It was truly rewarding and great to see everybody in the community so happy!
To conclude our day, there was the annual soccer cup – Huilloc vs. Oles! Every year big soccer (futbol) game is held at the stadium in the village as the two teams compete for the cup! It was a close one this year….. and unfortunately the Oles didn’t quite have enough in them. We were defeated 6-5 in a hard-fought and fun-filled game! It was SO fun as everyone having was having a blast playing some futbol in the rain 🙂
Tomorrow we are headed to Machu Picchu and then back to Cusco. Stay tuned!

Caitlyn and Laelle

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