Exploring Peru

Hi everyone,

Today was a day full of activities!  Some people’s day started by going to mass at the local Catholic church, which is only two blocks away from our hotel.  It was a particularly special day because it was the celebration of Three Kings Day, which was on January 6th.  People brought little baby Jesus dolls to the service to be blessed.

After the service and a quick breakfast, we left to set up the clinic at the orphanage.  It was exciting for us to be working in the orphanage and with some of the kids we will get to know in these upcoming days!  At first the kids were shy, but we started playing some games and they opened up quickly and were excited to play with us for a few hours.  We got the dental clinic ready to go, and the medical and pharmacy supplies sorted to be put in the proper rooms tomorrow thanks to lots of guidance from the professionals.  It was great to be able to finally get to participate in some of the medical part of our time in Peru!

Next, we went to have lunch the house of a local Peruvian.  It was very special to be able to see their house and have a home cooked meal!  We also got a tour of the gardens of their property, which were beautiful and had a wonderful view of the Andes mountains and valley between them.

We finished our exciting day by hiking around the Tipon, which is the Incan temple dedicated to the god of water.  It started as a quick hike up the mountain, which was made more difficult by the altitude, making some of us walk slower to pace ourselves and not feel the such great effects from the height.  About halfway through our hike it started raining, and it never stopped.  Luckily, most of us had rain jackets thanks to the advice of our guide.  After we started down the mountain, about half the group got lost on the mountain and it was quite the adventure to get back down!  We quickly located the rest of the group and found a way back down in the rain.

Stayed tuned to hear about our first day at the clinic!

Aileth and Janelle


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